Dr. Steffen Panzner

Lipocalyx and Georgia Tech Team Up for Influenza Program

Atlanta/Halle, Sep 30th, 2019. Lipocalyx, a leading developer of delivery systems for RNA therapeutics today announced collaboration with researchers from Georgia Tech to develop novel treatments for influenza. Under the agreement, the Atlanta, Georgia, based group led by Phil Santangelo will identify and develop novel treatments for pandemic flu using mRNA. The German Lipocalyx comes on board with its Viromer® delivery system for stabilizing the mRNA and shuttling it into the lung cells. Lipocalyx is a collaborator on the DARPA funded Georgia Tech study which includes preclinical validation of both the delivery systems and mRNA-based therapeutic treatments in multiple model systems.  

Steffen Panzner, CEO& Founder of Lipocalyx, commented: “For Viromers, we do see more and more data coming up describing the use in local applications for the delivery of RNA. Lung has become a focus based on data published by Dr. Santangelo’s group demonstrating safe, efficient and versatile delivery into the airways. We are very excited applying the next level formulation science to this project and generating breakthrough data in infectious disease”.    

Phil Santangelo, PhD, says: “The Viromer® technology represents a significant step forward for local delivery of mRNA.  This technology will greatly facilitate our work on developing new mRNA-based therapeutics for influenza.”

About Lipocalyx
Lipocalyx is a biotech discovering, developing and commercializing delivery solutions for RNA therapeutics. Lipocalyx is privately held and has its place of business in Halle (Saale), Germany. The Company has pioneered the Viromer® technology and commands a controlling IP position in the field.

About Viromers®
Viromers are high-tech polymers facilitating the membrane transfer of nucleic acids. Specialized Viromers have been developed for the delivery of mRNA, pDNA, Cas9 RNP, siRNA. Unlike other delivery systems, Viromers can be formulated in an anionic state which renders the materials safe and highly biocompatible.

About Georgia Institute of Technology
The Georgia Institute of Technology, also known as Georgia Tech, is one of the nation’s leading research universities — a university that embraces change while continually Creating the Next. The next generation of leaders. The next breakthrough startup company. The next lifesaving medical treatment.

Bild: Dr. Steffen Panzner (CEO & Founder Lipocalyx GmbH)



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